DynamoDB PartiQL query with Javascript - JSON converter?

Hi folks, I am new to PartiQL by way of DynamoDB and I really thought it was going to be a nice way of avoiding Dynamo’s insane syntax. However, I just learned that a PartiQL insert requires property values to be wrapped in single quotes, which is not JavaScript friendly.

Yes, I realise that PartiQL is intended to work with a variety of languages.

Before I start writing a custom JSON stringify utility I was wondering if anybody knew of something already existing? I have been searching (which is how I discovered this community) but not been able to turn up anything.

DynamoDB PartiQL’s current restriction on inserting property values wrapped in single quotes can be somewhat annoying in the JS environment. For now it seems, converting to use single quotes is the only solution.

Unfortunately, the PartiQL team does not have any “JSON stringify utility” to perform this action.

I assume the same issue would exist in Redshift? Trying to unpivot a tuple, but getting errors, and I am starting to suspect that is because the tuple has double quotes instead of single quotes.