Comparison with SQL++

What are the benefits of PartiQL over SQL++?


Hi Josh,
PartiQL is committed to complete SQL-92 backwards compatibility. Technically, this means that when a database that supports PartiQL is able to process a query that follows the SQL-92 syntax, the result is identical to SQL-92.
One case where PartiQL is SQL-compatible while SQL++ is not, is the treatment of subqueries. The original UCSD SQL++ work had let subqueries to introduce incompatibility with SQL.For example, the query

           (SELECT FROM customers c WHERE = o.customer) AS cname
FROM orders o

has the same result with SQL-92 in PartiQL, while in SQL++ the cname is a bag of tuples (nested table) with attribute name.

Further elaboration on the answer would also depend on whether you refer to the UCSD Configurable SQL++, which was a configurable metalanguage describing a family of languages, or a particular configuration, such as the Couchbase SQL++.